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Kid Friendly Venues can be a gathering of one-to-many people at a place where something happens such as a concert, conference, school, after school programs, field trips, jumpy house, party store, restaurant-eating establishments, sports events, movie theater, summer camps, nature hike, parks, pool, beach, rafting, amusements, travel, accommodations, geographic and historical sites. Venues can cover the gamut of a large event to a more personalized meeting for tutoring, private coaching, training and rehab centers, disability, dentist, doctor and more. The key is these places have to be Kid Friendly. This is where moms/families can participate by rating the Kid Friendly Venues. Moms will appreciate others offering their input and ratings on Kid Friendly Venues a 5-star rating system. The purpose of the Kid Friendly Venues app (website and mobile) is you can conveniently go discover venues close to home or while on a trip with the family. While we have a mobile app we also have it hosted here at Please click get started.

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