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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs from Moms Who Wants to Use an Organizer Platform like MomsTribute
Moms may need a few simple answers before they hop on to MomsTribute’s platform to use its full potential. Here are the answers to those frequently asked questions by moms:

MomsTribute is a platform for today’s moms to help them organize and simplify their lives with life-managing resources. It is a collective community and a hub for moms, by moms, and about moms.

After signing in click on your name which is upper right-hand side of the home page. Select Profile and where it says INTEREST there are three tabs Edit Profile. If you click on Edit Profile on left-hand you will see how you add Personal Information, Profile Picture, Address, Social Links, Interest Area(s), Password and Notification Settings for SMS.

If you go back to INTEREST and click on Relations, this is defining the persons relationship you may add later in Add Family. You can add up to 25 relations.

If you go back to INTEREST, you can add Category. This is optional and is for categorizing Moms Blogs.

Below INTEREST is ADD FAMILY MEMBERS. You want to add your children here. Children are free to add here yet have no access like the adult users have to the account. You want to add the names of children, spouse, grandparents, babysitter, friend, and possibly work related such as a realtor working with a family to buy or sell a home. It is important you add this information and if you have their mobile phone number you can text message them reminders. You can assign a color to anyone to make it easy at a glance on the calendar. You need to add yourself here and any of the users in ADD USER ACCOUNT which we will discuss next.

Below ADD FAMILY is ADD USERS ACCOUNT. If a trial or paid account, you have 5 users counting yourself. If free account, it is 2 users including you with some features disabled such as SMS notification. You can invite the others via their email. These users are adults not children. Children are free in ADD FAMIILY and you do NOT add them here. This is for adults 18 and over. You add children in ADD FAMILY discussed in the previous paragraph. These 5 adult users have the same access as a mom to the site.For example, they can add an event to the calendar, they can write blogs and write journals.

Once you have this set up you are ready to go. You can come back and edit and make changes so don’t sweat it if you want to change later.

To build a shared, nurturing community that empowers moms and helps removes some of the chaos from their everyday lives. It’s a place where moms can organize their appointments, errands, and activities to reduce stress and make their everyday routine a bit easier.

You first sign up and create an account. Then, complete your profile, add family members and users. Once done, you can start using Moms Blogs, Journal, and Calendar.
You have four additional adult users you can invite and add to the account. The adult users can see what you see and make changes to the calendar as an example. Children are free. In “Add Family” you need to add yourself, your selected users, your children, babysitter, spouse, grandparents and whoever you want to be able to communicate with via MomsTribute. In “Add Family” the mobile number is optional as infants and toddlers will not have one. If someone has a mobile, we highly recommended entering.
Next to “Edit Profile” is “Relations” such as son, daughter, spouse, grandparents, Babysitter, Aunt, Uncle and you can add more up to 25 relations.

Signing up and registering an account is FREE. Click on “Sign Up” on upper righthand side of homepage. Follow the process entering your name and email. Once you have entered you will get an email verification sent. You need to respond to the verification email prior to approval on your account. You get access to the free community, MomsVillage, which offers family related content and apps for free. You also get a 60-day full featured 2 user trial of the premium apps purpose built for moms. These apps include Calendar, Journal and Moms Blogs. If you elected to purchase the paid version, it is $2 per month per each user, up to 5 users. As an example, if you sign up for 4 users you would pay $8 total per month. From 6 users to 20 users it is $1 per user. If you elect to NOT pay for full featured version, you will still get the free limited feature 2-user version. You can come back and upgrade to full featured version anytime.

Moms Blog is a utility tool that allows moms to share their stories of raising a family, work, and life in general. A mom may want to blog about twins, preemies, special needs, sports, her job, or her relationships. The blog can also be shared on social media with friends and family.
Moms can write their own blogs and keep it private or choose to share it with others. You can put your story, experiences, and knowledge into words to share with other moms, helping them live a more managed life and to show them that they are not alone in their joy and struggles.

Moms Journal is a feature-rich tool to build your family’s history with pictures, videos, and notes. Over the years, it will become a family history book or file that can be shared with generations to come.  It is journaling whether personal, family, or friends. Choose to keep these journals private or share them with others.

Moms Journal provides a personal space for moms to write down their thoughts and experiences and catch memories for a lifetime. A book can even be printed later.

We have hidden some of the icon commands.  To view all of the icon commands on the upper right hand there is a “Show More” tab click on it and you will see the full list of commands.

When doing a journal entry and want to include an image.  First click on image icon command in Journal.  Second you browse server.  You may have an image already uploaded or you can upload a new image. Double click on image you want.  Image will load in Image properties pop up screen. You can change the sizing of height and width if you want.  You can change alignment to not set, right or left.  To wrap content around the image, like in a newspaper you need to pick right or left alignment.   Once you are set insert image into your journal.  The image may have a sizing box around it for additional resizing of the image in the Journal.  Recommendations use Left or Right alignment wrap text.

Moms Calendar, integrated with advanced technologies like AI, helps to record important dates and create a to-do list to help moms achieve what they desire. A mom can coordinate and communicate schedules and activities, track to-do lists, and manage plans. Moms Calendar helps keep the whole family on the same page for seamless coordination.
A mom can –
• Add, view, and manage meetings, family events, school schedules, carpools, and sports meetings from one place.
• Get real-time automated updates to Calendar that can be seen by family.
• Instant text reminders and notifications are automatically sent to all who are linked.
• Send along follow up updates via text messaging from Calendar.
• Color-code Family options in the calendar to help separate people and activities.
• Color assignment to people without an email such as young children and grandparents.
• Create multiple to-do lists such as a ‘chores list’ for the kids, ‘handy lists’ to help in packing for travel, ‘meal plans’, ‘shopping list’, ‘reading recommendations’, and more.
• Sync MomsTribute Calendar to Google Calendar on your mobile devices.

Syncing with Google Calendar on your mobile devices is easy. First you do need a Google account. Second Google assigns colors automatically to a person so whatever color you chose on MomsTribute may not come across on the Google Calendar as same color. This is very easy to address. You can go into Google Calendar select the event or To Do and change the color to what you want it will now work from MomsTribute and Google Calendar. Later if you decide to change colors again that color will be reflected on MomsTribute Calendar and Google Calendar. It is just the first time when Google assigns automatically the color then once you change you can change anytime.

While we are starting with Moms Blogs, Moms and Family Journals and Moms Calendar we plan on adding more apps for the website and for mobile. We have several we are considering yet we want to listen to moms and their needs to prioritize and continue to make their life easier, bringing convenience and removing chaos.

A mom can always get in touch with a representative by sending an email to

First, you do have the choice of turning on or turning off SMS messaging.
You need to go to your profile page on upper right hand side located at your name.  
Click on your name then Click on Profile.  Your Profile Page will open up.  
Then Click on “Edit Profile” and on the left are several categories.
The last one is “Notifications Settings”.   
Click on it and a pop up screen will happen given the choice of yes or no for SMS reminders.

This is a way of social media sharing what Blogs you have created on MomsTribute. First, you can share across MomsTribute with other moms or you can choose to keep private. From MomsTribute, sharing on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest your direct blog links will bring up your blog. Some social media accounts like Facebook will not post the direct link of your Moms Blog. Instead, they post an initial link to MomsTribute Moms Blog. You can click on the MomsTribute link and it will direct you to your specific blog. It may also have on the righthand side some suggested blogs you can look at as well by clicking on it. You can also cut and paste your blog link from MomsTribute to other social media accounts.

Here is a link to a guide and tips related to social media.

When you create an Event the “Add Event” screen comes up and you have two fields for assigning colors on bottom of screen.  One is called “Event Color Family, Friend and Work Members” and the other is called “Event Color”.   In “Event Color Family, Friend and Work Members” the Member’s name and their assigned color will display.  Select the Member and that is the color of the event.  If the event is one where you do not want to use any Family, Friend and Work Member Color, then please go to “Event Color” and you can pick a color for the Event.  You can either pick “Event Color Family, Friend and Work Member” or “Event Color”.  You cannot pick both.  

As a reminder in your Profile you have “Add Family, Friend and Work Members”.   When you Add Members (can be anyone, family, friends, work, etc.) you assign the Member a color.  This is where it all starts, so be sure to go to profile to “Add Family, Friend and Work Members.”   You can have as many Family, Friend and Work Members as you want.   You also have to add your 5 PAID users to “Add Family, Friend and Work Members” for them to get a color and SMS messaging.

When doing an “Add Event” you will see an option, Yes or No, to be able to send an SMS notification to all those you check off as part of the event.   If you click yes, everyone will get the SMS message you invited (Name of Event, Date, Time, Location).  If you click “no” no one will get the message.  If you decide to click “No’ you can still selectively send additional SMS messages by clicking on event in calendar and updating event.  You can pick and choose who you want to send the SMS message; it can be all of the attendees or just some of the attendees.  You can use the automated message (it states all event details - Name of Event, Date, Time, Location) or you can write your own SMS messaging.

Also, remember in your “Edit Profile” you manage SMS Notifications.  If you click “no” it turns it off completely.  If you want to send SMS notifications, then be sure to click “Yes”.

As a reminder, the “Paid Users”, up to 5 counting the mom, can sign in and see the calendar.  
The Family Members who are not part of the 5 Paid Users do not have a User account and cannot sign in to see the calendar.  You can add additional users at $2 per user per month.  

If you have a Family, Friend or Work Member who is NOT a USER, they get an SMS notification about the event to know about it.  If you do not send them a message they will not know unless you give them access to the calendar via your group of 5 Paid User.


When creating an event and scheduling a repeat/recurring event you can check repeat in the lower bottom of pop up creating an event. There are two words in green and each word can be modified. Click on “every” and you will see the options and click on “day” and you will see options. We want to give moms as much flexibility in terms of repeat events as possible.

When you click on “every” your choices are “every, every other and every (number – you enter number of days). If you click on “day” the options are “day, weekday, week, month and year.”

When setting a schedule for let’s say two months of babysitting schedules put your start date and then an end date two months out. It will schedule during those timeframes. You can also delete a single instance of the repeat event or delete the whole schedule of events over two months. We know sometimes things get hectic and changes happen so we want to give you as much flexibility as possible.